Arrabbiata Mixed Spices (Mixed Spices for Pasta with Tomato and Spices)
is one of our special seasoning blends.

This mix brings all the gentleness of tomato, the strong flavor of garlic, the fresh scent of basil, the fiery taste of chili pepper, the mild onion flavor of chive, and the herbal notes of celery. Arrabbiata, which literally means “angry” in Italian, owes its name to the piquant taste.

This mix of spices constitutes the base for a majority of Italian recipes for pasta sauces. 

Put 2 tablespoons of Arrabbiata Mixed Spices in a pan with a glass of warm water, cooking until water is nearly finished. You have to add a drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil and gently fry the seasonings, in the oil, for about 3 to 5 minutes.
Once done you have the right mix which can be the base of your favorite pasta dishes.

Key ingredients- Sea Salt, Tomato, Garlic, Basil, Chili Pepper, Chive, Celery