Tex-Mex Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Add to your taco salad


Discover the tantalizing fusion of Texas and Mexico in our Tex-Mex Olive Oil! This extraordinary blend boasts the bold flavors of spicy chipotle, earthy cumin, and aromatic caraway, creating an unforgettable dressing for those seeking a truly distinctive experience.

Exciting ways to savor:

  • Give your salsa an extra kick with a splash of this zesty oil.
  • Elevate your taco meat by stirring in our Tex-Mex medley.
  • Transform your sautéed vegetables with a touch of southern heat.
  • Marinate your steak or chicken in this vibrant blend for a flavor-packed meal.
  • Amp up your chili with a drizzle of our Tex-Mex Olive Oil for a taste adventure!

Suggested Pairings-Traditional Balsamic Reduction Vinegar, Key Lime White Balsamic Vinegar, Vidalia Onion White Balsamic Vinegar, Tomato White Balsamic Vinegar

Recipes- Tex Mex Lime Chicken, Stuffed Bell Peppers

Nutritional Info-

Ingredients- Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chipotle Oil, Cumin Oil, Caraway Oil.

**Available in a 375ml bottle only. 

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Love the Tex Max oil!! It is a great compliment to Mexican food!