Yucatan cuisine blends local Mayan flavors with Caribbean, European, Middle Eastern and Mexican influences. Some believe that this was the world’s first fusion cuisine. And don’t confuse this flavor with the Mexican food you are used to.

Essential to Yucatan cuisine is the recado which are either sold in local markets or made by recipes handed down generation to generation. There are three basic recados - Recado de Bistec, Recado Negro (also called Chilmole) and the most popular Recado Rojo.

Just like moles there are no exact ingredients in a good Recado Rojo as these vary from family to family. The basic ingredients will be the same but then the subtle variations begin. The Rojo is liberally spread over chicken, pork and seafood and is also served in rice dishes. We’ve also used this to marinate our chicken for some authentic tamales.

We love to use this as a dry rub for grilled chicken as it creates an amazing culinary flavor explosion that is mysterious and delicious at the same time. We’ve served this to friends who weren’t quite able to figure out what the secret flavor was - we weren't telling either.

You can also use this seasoning as a base to make your own Recado Rojo or Achiote paste which is most famously know as the predominant seasoning for Pollo Pibil. To make the paste add vinegar and either orange or lime juice and mix until your desired thickness is reached. We also like to use this Recado Rojo to flavor soups and stews.

This salt free seasoning is hand blended from achiote, coriander, cumin, allspice, Mexican oregano, black pepper, garlic, cinnamon, lemon peel and cloves.