Though this seasoning was created with chicken in mind, it has many other practical food applications as well.  Use this with eggs to add a nice boost to your breakfast, brunch, or brinner. 

Vegetarians and vegans can rejoice, too. Not only is this chicken seasoning good for real chickens, but it is also good for giving foods that “chicken” flavor profile. This is great for use on vegetarian “chicken” patties or chicken strips that you can probably find in your frozen food section, if you’re looking for a quick dinner idea. You have a little more time, you say? Try this with sautéed vegetables for a more complex flavor. Put those veggies on top of a pasta or rice dish to have some excellent flavors flood your mouth.

If you love grilled cheese, you could sprinkle some of this onto your bread after it’s been buttered to add something spectacular to what is arguably the best part of the sandwich- the crispy pan fried exterior. 

Hand blended with organic paprika, organic onion, organic lemon, organic coconut sugar, organic sage, organic marjoram, organic Anheim chile powder, organic black pepper, organic celery and organic cayenne.