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5 Ways To Use Flavored Oils and Vinegars

You might be wondering what to do with all of these wonderful products offer on our website and in store!

Well, I am here to tell you that there are HUNDREDS of uses for these products!

Don’t settle for just chicken and marinade.

Don’t let your vinegars and oils sit in your pantry. Read on for some easy ideas.

  1. Make a flavorful vinaigrette.  A typical vinaigrette recipe is 3 parts of oil and 1 part vinegar, but we typically do 1 part oil and 1 part vinegar.  Just add a little salt and pepper and you have a delicious simple recipe.                           Suggested Combinations-Garlic EVOO & Marc de Champagne Vinegar, Blood Orange EVOO & Strawberry Pulp Vinegar, Basil EVOO & Peach Vinegar, Meyer Lemon EVOO & Mango Pulp Vinegar (most popular)
  2. Top Ice Cream with a drizzle of vinegar. Ice cream how I love you...but with a little drizzle it will rock your world!  Try Blackberry, Cherry Almond or Pomegranate Vinegar to your next scoop.
  3. Add flavored oils to scrambled eggs.  Try Tex-Mex, Tuscan Herb, or Butter EVOO!
  4. Make your dessert plates pretty garnished with vinegar. Drizzle Raspberry Vinegar on a plate with chocolate cake or try Dark Chocolate Vinegar with pound cake!
  5. Roast/grill Vegetables with flavored oils. Rosemary EVOO loves potatoes.  Basil EVOO loves tomatoes.  Greek Seasoning EVOO loves zucchini!

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Recipe Challenge!

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What can you win?!

  • Recipe Winner 1 receives-Oil & Vinegar Pairing for 3 months and a ticket to Chef Chris's event.
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  • Recipe Winner 3 receives-Oil & Vinegar Pairing and a ticket to Chef Chris's event.