5 Creative Ways to Use Oils & Vinegars This Holiday

December 21, 2023 2 min read

5 Creative Ways to Use Oils & Vinegars This Holiday

The holidays are all about great food and good times, right? This season, let's mix things up a bit in the kitchen with some oils and vinegars. You'd be surprised at how these simple ingredients can take your holiday dishes from good to 'wow'! Whether you're drizzling over salads or jazzing up your desserts, there's so much you can do. Let me show you some fun and easy ways to get creative with these kitchen staples. Let's get started!

1. Make a Flavorful Vinaigrette
A simple yet classic way to use oils and vinegars is in a homemade vinaigrette. Mix 1 part oil to 1 part vinegar for a balanced dressing. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, and you've got an easy, delicious recipe for any salad. Try combinations like Garlic EVOO with Marc de Champagne Vinegar or Meyer Lemon EVOO with Mango Pulp Vinegar for a festive twist.

2. Drizzle Vinegar on Ice Cream
Yes, you read that right! Drizzling a bit of fruit-infused vinegar on ice cream can add a unique and delightful flavor. Experiment with Blackberry, Cherry Almond, or Pomegranate Vinegar to elevate your next scoop of ice cream.

3. Add Flavored Oils to Scrambled Eggs
Kickstart your festive breakfast with a dash of flavored oil in your scrambled eggs. Incorporate Habanero, Tuscan Herb, or Butter EVOO to infuse your eggs with rich, aromatic flavors.

4. Garnish Desserts with Vinegar
Enhance the presentation and taste of your desserts with a beautiful vinegar drizzle. Blackberry Vinegar goes wonderfully with chocolate cake, while Raspberry Dark Chocolate Vinegar can be a delicious addition to pound cake.

5. Roast or Grill Vegetables with Flavored Oils
Vegetables roasted or grilled with flavored oils are a game-changer. Try Rosemary EVOO for potatoes, Basil EVOO for tomatoes, or Greek Seasoning EVOO for zucchini. Each oil brings out the best in these veggies, making them a hit on any holiday table.

This holiday season, let your culinary creativity shine with these simple yet innovative uses of oils and vinegars. Whether you're dressing a salad, sprucing up your desserts, or roasting vegetables, these ingredients offer endless possibilities to make your holiday meals memorable. So, go ahead, experiment, and most importantly, enjoy the delicious results!

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