5 Gift Ideas For Dad

December 02, 2021 1 min read

5 Gift Ideas For Dad

We can all agree that dads are impossible to shop for. 🏌️Golf clubs? He bought a set for himself. 👔 Tie? COVID put an end to that one.

So, whether you’re helping your teenagers shop or you’re picking out the perfect present for your dad, getting him something that won’t end up in the garage is a real challenge. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up 5 gift ideas for dad.

  1. Truffle Pizza Gift- Pizza is everyone's favorite, but truffle pizza is even better! This kit has everything you need.
  2. Bourbon & Bacon Truffles- For the dad who loves Bacon! Upon biting into this divine treat, the bacon bourbon-infused dark chocolate ganache fills your mouth with sweet and savory flavors.
  3. Cranberry Martini Camp Craft Cocktails- Home bar enthusiasts and gift-givers are passionate about this beautiful and delicious infusion kit containing Cranberry, Lemon Orange, Citrus Infused NON-GMO vegan cane sugar. 
  4. XXXmas Pudding Chocolate Bar- For your vegan dads! More Christmassy than a partridge in a pear tree! This limited-edition boozy chocolate bar is vegan and dairy-free. Contains Alcohol.
  5. My Family Cookbook- For the dad who cooks! This book allows dad to archive generations of kitchen secrets and keep your favorite recipes in the family.


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