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6 Ways To Use Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

6 Ways To Use Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

🙌Garlic lovers rejoice! Never mince Garlic again!

Our Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 🧄 is our best-selling oil! It's strong, smooth, and perfect for the garlic lover. It's easily addictive, saves time in the kitchen, and enhances any dish with its delicious garlic flavor.

Since garlic and olive oil are almost always used together in Mediterranean cooking, you can use this olive oil in just about anything!

🌟Drizzle over pasta🍝 or add to sauces

🌟Use as a bread 🍞 dipping oil

🌟Brush on steaks or chicken🍗 before grilling

🌟Use as a marinade🥘

🌟Drizzle over roasting vegetables🥕

🌟Stir into mash potatoes or drizzle on top of baked potatoes 🥔

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