Using vinegar in cocktails opens up a whole world of possibilities! 

Balsamic vinegar adds a cool and amazingly refreshing aspect to a cocktail.  Vinegars work best alongside citrus and all relate to how it hits the tongue when tasting the two together.  This creates a fuller experience and enhances the flavors of the alcohol.  Adding a dash of vinegar to simple cocktails adds an exciting depth and complexity.

The following below will guide you in some combinations, but please experiment!

  • Bourbon- Mango, Blackberry Dark, Raspberry Dark, Cherry Dark
  • Gin- Lemon Cucumber, Meyer Lemon
  • Rum- Peach, Coconut Mango, Mojito, Strawberry
  • Tequila- Cranberry Pear, Coconut Mango, Mango, Key Lime
  • Vodka- Pineapple, Blueberry, Peach, Meyer Lemon

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