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Gnocchetti Sardi (also called Malloreddus)

Gnocchetti Sardi (also called Malloreddus)

Gnocchetti Sardi

This little pasta originates from the 2nd largest Italian island and where people tend to live the longest!

🍴This is a traditional pasta people eat on the island of Sardinia (Sardegna) called Gnocchetti (nyo-KAY-tee) Sardi or “little Sardinian gnocchi”.

🍴The shape of Gnocchetti Sardi (also called Malloreddus) is achieved by hand-rolling the dough on a round reed basket or special wood board.  This pasta is called ”little Sardinian gnocchi” because of its shape as it looks like tiny potato gnocchi but it is made with durum wheat semolina, water, and salt. ⁠
🍴The pasta’s ingredients create a considerably sturdier and toothier quality. It is pasta you usually find Italians eating at home on Sunday or in restaurants served with traditional sauces, such as meat ragu!⁠

🍴This pasta is perfect with meat sauces, light tomato sauces with cheese, or in casseroles. 

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