We are collecting children shoes from now until July 28!

June 28, 2021 1 min read

We are collecting children shoes from now until July 28!


As a 🧒 kid, my favorite part of ending the summer was going clothes shopping for school.  My family would take us to Montgomery Ward or Sears to get us the perfect outfit for the first day of school.

Yet for many families, this is not the case. Money is not available and families are not able to provide their children with new clothes or new shoes.

We are asking for your help.  Our goal is to collect 100 pairs of new children's shoes by July 28 for the non-profit organization, Soles of Love In The Garden. This wonderful organization has been providing NEW shoes to Frederick's children K - to Grade 12 for the past 10 years. 

Please 💗 help us fill our shoe donation box! 

The best part--not only are you helping out a parent, but you're making a child happy! 

Plus--For every pair of brand-new children's shoes that you donate, you'll receive a raffle ticket for our giveaway. The grand prize is $100 of our "favorite foodie" items.

We are collecting shoes from now until July 28.  Please help us fill our "shoebox"!

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