Traditional English Lemon Curd- the perfect dessert topping

Harrowgate makes their curds the traditional English way - with lots of fruit, eggs, egg yolks, and butter, and do not add any thickeners. The result is a delicious velvety texture with bright zesty flavors.

Spread it liberally on scones, toast, and English muffins. Make a trifle or add it between cookies! 

Lemon Curd, the very first and most famous fruit curds, originated in England dating back to the early 1800s.

No food coloring or artificial preservatives in our curds. 10.5 oz.

Based in the beautiful farmlands of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Harrowgates produce signature Traditional English Curds, Gourmet Preserves, and Marmalades from their own production facility where they are made in open kettles with love and care.

It all started in 2005 when, on a whim, the founders Ron & Cecille Steele, decided to make some Lemon Curd, a favorite spread of Ron's dating back to his childhood. A small double boiler (which hadn't been used for many years) was brought back into service and the first batch was made. Because it was close to the holiday season, they decided to make some Christmas gifts for friends. They were received with such great enthusiasm that orders were received and, well, as they say, the rest is history.

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Great project with great future

Cookie Verdi
Lemon Curd!

It s wonderful the perfect topping for our warm gingerbread!

We're delighted to hear that our Traditional English Lemon Curd has become the perfect topping for your warm gingerbread! It sounds like a delightful combination. Thank you for sharing your feedback and enjoy many more delicious desserts!