Herbs de Provence Seasoning (Hand Blended)

Introducing a near-miraculous concoction, this herb medley truly comes to life as it cooks! To optimally infuse your dish with the essence of Herbs de Provence, incorporate it prior to or at the onset of cooking.

For an enhanced culinary experience, blend it with olive oil before adding it to your meal. Sprinkle a dash or two over hot coals during grilling to imbue your meat and vegetables with a delightfully understated smoky taste.

Our Herbs de Provence is hand blended from basil, thyme, marjoram, chervil, rosemary, and lavender.

No additives, preservatives, or gluten. Bottle size= 1/2 cup.

Customer Reviews

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Rita Cordes

not as robust as I had hoped

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sorry to hear the Herbs de Provence didn't quite meet your flavor expectations. We're always tweaking, so your feedback helps. Hope you'll try some of our other blends soon!

Catherine Myers

Herbs de Provence Seasoning (Hand Blended)

Thank you for giving our Herbs de Provence Seasoning a 5-star rating! We blend it with love and are thrilled to know it's a hit in your kitchen. It's a perfect addition to elevate a variety of dishes. Looking forward to serving you again soon!

Jeane Warfield
Herbs de Provence (Hand Blended): My go-to herb blend

I use Herbs de Provence in many dishes. It’s very flavorful!