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Organic Spugnole Pasta- Our favorite pasta

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Our favorite pasta! This gourmet pasta is elegantly crafted. Spugnole or little "sponges" with intricate frilly edges are highly sought-after for their remarkable ability to capture and hold sauces. The texture is wonderful!

These exquisite pasta pieces double in size upon cooking, providing a satisfyingly hearty meal option. To further elevate your dining experience, we recommend pairing this pasta with a delectable pesto sauce. 

Made with the finest durum wheat and water We are proud to share that our *Organic Marella Pasta, imported by Italian Harvest, has been recognized as a 2013 Silver sofi Award Winner for "Outstanding Product Line."

Tip- This pasta can be overcooked very quickly. 

Wt. 1.1lb., Made in Italy.

About the maker:  

Established in 1987 in Gioia del Colle, the Marella pasta factory is a true testament to Italian tradition and artisanal craftsmanship. They create high-quality, unique pasta using only the finest Apulian grains, which are sometimes mixed with other Italian grains of equal quality. The dough is combined with purified water and then bronze-drawn to achieve a rough and porous texture that holds sauces better.

Following the teachings of ancient pasta masters, Marella employs a slow drying method at 37/38 degrees, which can take up to 72 hours depending on the pasta shape. This technique preserves the original proteins and amino acids, including tryptophan, also known as the happiness hormone.

Marella's pasta factory embraces pasta as a way of life, promoting joy, love, and appreciation for tradition. Eating their pasta, you experience a sense of well-being, a break from monotony, and a journey back in time. The handcrafted nature of their pasta is evident in the slight imperfections that make each piece unique.

Marella's pasta stands out due to its 100% Italian wheat, bronze-drawn process, slow drying, and low furosin levels (less than 140 mg per 100 g of protein). The pasta's clear color is a testament to its traditional production methods and commitment to nutritional sustainability. Savor the quality of Marella's artisan pasta and indulge in a taste of Italy's finest traditions.

Customer Reviews

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Very good pasta

This is great pasta if you have celiac. No complications after eating it.

Dawn Drury

This pasta is simply amazing! It has spoiled me as all
Other pastas are inferior to me!. The nooks and crannies hold the sauce, pesto, cheese. Buy it!

Lisa Quarles

Fresh, light, delicious.

Thank you!