Homemade Sundried Tomato Pasta Sauce-Our Favorite!

Sun-dried Tomato Sauce is made from tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil. A farmhouse artisan sauce produced in Salento in Southern Italy.

Perché Ci Credo tomato sauces are homemade using only top-quality ingredients such as onions, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, tomatoes, ricotta cheese, and vegetables.

Directions for use: Drain the pasta cooked al dente, Toss in a pan while continuing to cook. Add grated cheese and serve.

Net weight: 330 gr/11.6 oz
Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

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Ellen Lloyd
Sun dried Tomato Pasta Sauce

This is truly the best I have every tasted! I shall be ordering more soon!

Soon! Tonight!

I will be serving the sauce at dinner tonight...can't wait! PS: I am a Maryland girl, born and raised in Cumberland.

never fried pasta before.

"M'm! M'm! Good!" Sums it up for me.
According to the directions on the bottle I was to drain my pasta & then put it in a frying pan and cover with the sauce. And then let it fry for 3 minutes. I have never done anything like that before with my pasta. I usually just have it soaking in the sauce for about that long. But, I must say that even though a lot less sauce was used then I typically use. I mean I usually have my pasta swimming in sauce. This sauce was full of flavor and did not drown out the delicious taste of the pasta. Because of the lesser amount of sauce. It also allowed the beauty the decorative shapes and colors of the pasta to shine through. I used the Organic Monnezzaglia (Leftovers) pasta, I love the shapes and colors of that pasta.