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Pesto Is Magic

Pesto Is Magic

Our Pesto alla Genovese is a delightful treat. While we love it tossed with fresh pasta, this sauce can be a versatile ingredient in all sorts of other dishes! Whether you buy a jar or make your own (with our Basil EVOO), there are many ways to eat more pesto this summer!

From breakfast to appetizers, here are 8 clever ways to use pesto.

🌿 Mix into salad dressing

🌿 Spread on a sandwich or flatbread- mix with your mayo and spread away

🌿 Toss on veggies- skip the butter use pesto!

🌿 Bake in bread- stir into bread dough

🌿 Grilled Meats- lather on your grilled chicken or steak

🌿 Pesto Bruschetta- combine chopped tomatoes and pesto, smear over a toasted baguette

🌿 Skip the pizza sauce use pesto instead

🌿 Drizzle over breakfast eggs

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