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Alternative Holiday Meals

Alternative Holiday Meals

This year is very different for celebrating the holidays. Most of us won't be celebrating in large family gatherings. Some people are changing their traditional Christmas menus and exploring alternative meal ideas.

Here are 4 alternative holiday meal ideas to try at home!

  1. Pancake Board- dress up your stack of pancakes with delicious fruit, whipped cream, flavored jams and syrups. Try our Cinnamon Vanilla or Holiday Spice syrups and use our Pancake Mix from Tait Farms.
  2. Mashed Potato Bar- what meal isn't made better by mashed potatoes? Set out all the fixings and let your family load up their potatoes as they see fit! For truffle lovers, include our Black Truffle olive oil and Truffle Salt.
  3. Mac & Cheese Bar- similar to mashed potatoes, we need all the comfort food we can get this year! Add our Bacon Jam for a sweet and savory flavor.
  4. Homemade Pizza- does your family constantly argue over toppings on pizza night? Now you don't have to, everyone can make their own! Try adding our Fig Balsamic, Grilled Artichokes, Marinated Garlic, or Pesto & Parmesan Herb Mix to your pizzas at home.
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