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Warm Up Your Winter: 5 Must-Try Olive & Basket Olive Oil Pairings for Soups

Warm Up Your Winter: 5 Must-Try Olive & Basket Olive Oil Pairings for Soups

As the winter winds howl outside, there’s no greater solace than a steaming bowl of soup. Olive & Basket brings you a tasty twist to your soup season with our top 5 olive oils - Garlic, Meyer Lemon, Tuscan Herb, Basil, and Black Truffle, Garlic, and Butter EVOO. These delicious olive oils can turn a simple soup into a gourmet feast, warming both your body and soul.

1. Garlic Olive Oil in Hearty Beef Stew:
The robust flavor of Garlic Olive Oil is a perfect match for a rich beef stew. Its deep, savory notes enhance the meat's flavor, making every spoonful a hearty and comforting experience.

2. Meyer Lemon Olive Oil in Seafood Chowder:
Transform your seafood chowder with a splash of Meyer Lemon Olive Oil. Its bright, citrusy essence adds a fresh, zesty twist to the creamy soup, perfectly complementing the seafood flavors.

3. Tuscan Herb Olive Oil in Minestrone:
Give your Minestrone an Italian touch with Tuscan Herb Olive Oil. Its blend of rustic herbs enriches the soup’s medley of vegetables, beans, and pasta, bringing a warm and aromatic flair.

4. Basil Olive Oil in Tomato Soup:
Basil Olive Oil and tomato soup are a match made in heaven. The oil's fresh, herbaceous character pairs wonderfully with the tangy sweetness of the tomato, creating a classic and comforting combination.

5. Black Truffle, Garlic, and Butter EVOO in Creamy Mushroom Soup:
For an indulgent twist, add Black Truffle, Garlic, and Butter EVOO to your creamy mushroom soup. This luxurious oil elevates the earthy mushroom flavors, adding a rich, gourmet depth that’s simply irresistible.

Embrace the chilly season by adding a touch of Olive & Basket's gourmet olive oils to your soups. Each of these oils offers a unique way to enhance the flavors and transform your winter meals into a culinary delight. Stay cozy and let your taste buds travel through these delectable soup adventures!
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Denise Alston - February 11, 2024

Black Truffle, Garlic and Butter EVOO in potato chowder taste delicious

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