Mango Pulp Vinegar Is So Good!

February 11, 2021 1 min read

Mango Pulp Vinegar Is So Good!

What do you say when you see a speedy fruit?

Wow, look at that Man-go!

Ok, this is a sad joke... it's the best I had! 

Our Mango Pulp Vinegar🥭 is tangy, sweet, and rated 5 stars! The most popular vinegar we sell!
An extra fruity vinegar made with real fruit pulp. Juicy, fragrant, tangy, and delicious!

How to use Mango Pulp Vinegar--

🥭Mix with Meyer Lemon EVOO and brush on salmon.

🥭Add to your shrimp salad or

🥭Make mango salsa.

🥭Mix in cocktails or seltzer water.

🥭Great on bitter green salads.

Suggested Pairings- Chili Pepper EVOOMeyer Lemon EVOOBasil EVOO, and Jalapeno Grapeseed Oil

Recipes- Mango Lime MarinadeSpicy Mango Shrimp SaladMango SalsaMango Margarita On The RocksMango Habanero Grilled Shrimp For Tacos

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