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Where Greek Meets Olive Oil

Where Greek Meets Olive Oil

Greek Seasoning Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a favorite of many--with flavors of lemon, black pepper, oregano, and chive--how could it not be popular??  It is fresh and is sure to brighten meals! This olive oil goes wonderfully with a variety of foods. It's perfect for the classic Greek tzatziki sauce!


  • Toss with pasta salad
  • Drizzle over grilled fish or chicken
  • Serve with steamed vegetables or boiled potatoes
  • Drizzle over pork, seafood, salmon, and grilled asparagus
  • Delicious on a green salad
  • Use in hummus or tzatziki sauce.

Suggested Pairings- Lemon Cucumber White Balsamic Vinegar, Traditional Balsamic Reduction Vinegar, Marc de Champagne Vinegar, Honey Ginger White Balsamic Vinegar

Recipes- Greek Country Salad, Greek Potato Salad, Greek Panzanella Salad, Mediterranean Cobb Salad, Mediterranean Egg Salad, Greek Wedge Salad

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